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Ceremony Stories - Alison and Rory

Ali and Rory had a super fun wedding filled with heart, laughter and an amazing macrame arbour.

The main aim we had when putting together their ceremony, is that we wanted things to be lighthearted. Nothing too serious or formal. With a combination of guest participation, cheeky stories and some epic vows, we hit the jackpot.

So with a little bit of rhyme, I’d like to share the story; Of a wedding day, full of heart, I shared with Alison and Rory.

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What Makes Tim Tick #1 - Chasing Aurora

Working with a wedding celebrant is a unique relationship. Unless you are lucky enough to have a good friend who is also a celebrant, chances are your celebrant is going to be the person at your wedding that you have known for the shortest length of time.

They will also be the person talking the most! So it’s good if you’ve had the chance to get to know them.

With my blog, along with sharing stories of my ceremonies (on the way), I hope to provide a window into my world, and show what makes me tick – so I’m less of a stranger. I’d like to share my experiences, interests, achievements and just general brain bubblings.

To start, I’d love to share this spectacular Aurora Australis experience I had on a clear evening in April 2018.

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