Ceremony Stories - Dark Mofo Nude Solstice Swim Wedding

At 7:42am, on the winter solstice of 2019, one very courageous and inspiring couple were married at the Dark Mofo Nude Solstice Swim; and I was there to do the hitching. Awesome!!!

As cameras were banned during the swim, the magnificent Scott Fraser has immortalised this wedding in digital ink. Scott is pretty fricken awesome! You should totally go check out his other work.

nude wedding dark mofo solstice swim.jpg
dark mofo nude solstice swim wedding hero.jpg

The experience was phenomenal, to say the least. With their two life long friends as witnesses, they stripped off, with two-thousand other solstice swimmers, to the wedding outfit of a tiny white towel and a red swimming cap. As keen naked dippers jockeyed for position on the beach, the scene was quite chaotic; but we had a small oasis of calm for our short, but meaningful ceremony.

Love was expressed, vows were made. It was not until the rings were on each of their fingers, that the other swimmers around us broke into a heartwarming applause. Thank you to everyone nearby who could see what was going on, but respected our privacy during the actual ceremony. You’re wonderful x

And then came the drums! Taiko drummers beat out a pulse of anticipation, before the red flare signalling that dawn had arrived was ignited. We ran into the freezing waters of the Derwent River, into a goose-pimpled frenzy. The perfect way to start the day, really.

Who’s in for next year?

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