Weddings in Hobart and Southern Tasmania



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Check out my Ceremony Stories, for examples of some of the awesome weddings I have been a part of.

Hobart and Southern Tasmania is a special place to tie the knot. It is blessed with beautiful natural locations, immaculate historic buildings, quirky venues with a difference, and world-class destination locations. Perhaps even your own backyard!

Just like Tasmania, your ceremony can either be as epic as a grand waterfall, or as simple as a lazy lake - AND anything in-between.

Working with a celebrant allows you to bring your own ideas to this special occasion.

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There are key things that MUST be in a wedding to make sure it is legal.

  • Your full legal names must be said at some point; before, or during the Legal Vows.

  • Section 46 of the Australian Marriage Act 1961. (This is the section recently changed to be inclusive of marriage between two people).

  • Your Legal Vows.

Outside of this, you can create your own flavour. This may include:

  • Involving friends or family members in meaningful ways.

  • Creating a special mini-ceremony (or ceremini) to mark the occasion. This can be as simple as sharing a glass of Tasmanian sparkling wine, or as over-the-top as creating a gourmet sandwich with each layer representing a part of your relationship! Yum!

  • Including music or poetry that is meaningful to you.

  • Deciding to elope with just your best mates and getting hitched on a hike or at sunrise on winter solstice!

Of course, you may prefer something with much less fuss. I will work with you to create something special, but low-key, for you to remember.



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Below is a step-by-step guide for how you would work with me, as your celebrant. From this, you should get a good idea of what to expect in the lead-up to your wedding.



So you have made contact and I have confirmed I am available on your scheduled wedding date.  Let's meet!

At our first meeting, we will have a good chat about your wedding and your ideas. I'll have some key questions to ask you, and I suggest you come prepared with some questions for me too.

I will walk you through what is required in a wedding and what is the fun stuff. We’ll discuss all your options for your wedding ceremony, and anything else that you would like to discuss.

The meeting can be at your place if that is easiest for you, but I am also happy to meet at my place. We can even meet at your favorite cafe or park.  Perhaps you are not in Tasmania? Then an online meeting will work just fine!

My preference is to meet at a local cafe (State Cinema cafe rocks!) or your place if that is convenient for you, but you are most welcome to come to my home in Lutana.

There is no obligation to confirm a booking at this meeting. You can take a few days to think about it. If we are not a good-fit, I will do my best to provide some other suggestions from the bevvy of wonderful celebrants in Southern Tasmania.

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We have had our first meeting and have decided to work together. Awesome!

Our first steps are to begin discussing your ceremony, in finer detail, and to work through all of the legal requirements associated with getting married in Australia.

We will get together again* and you will receive my Couple's Resource Pack, along with a questionnaire to complete. This questionnaire will be what I use to draft your ceremony.

We will also complete the Notice of Intended Marriage (NOIM) at this meeting. For this, we will need photographic identification and evidence of place of birth. If you are unsure, just ask.

*this can coincide with the first meeting if we decide to work together right away.



Now everything begins to come together. The creation of your ceremony. How exciting!

I will invite you to complete a list of questions, where you can share your story, what you see in each other, what is important. I will then prepare a first draft of your ceremony for you.

After you read the first draft, we can go through any changes, corrections, or even different ideas altogether.  We will work together until we get it right!

This is a key time to think about if you want to involve any family or friends in your ceremony. What type of music you might like? What flavour your vows will take. I can assist with all of this.

Finally, we will have a rehearsal close to your wedding day (ideally the day before).

And then... your wedding!

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